Natural Resource Management and Environmental protection – Watershed Projects

HDS conducts a lot of activities for the preservation of the nature. It undertakes projects for eco-restoration, water harvesting and watershed management in collaboration with various government agencies. Awareness creation among the members of the SHGs, children and youth, distribution of tree plants, promotion of renewable energy like solar, construction of bio gas plants, promotion of vegetable fencing etc. are some of the programmes.

1. Asarikavala Watershed Programmes: Under the leadership of the society, with the support of Nedukandom, Erattayar, Pampadumpara Grama Panchayths, the 2nd Phase of the Asarikavala watershed program completed successfully. 250 hectares of land covered under this project. In order to solve the water scarcity in the area 2 ponds constructed and distributed water through pipe connection. Supported for 28 families to the well renovation with the amount of Rs. 13000/- each. Rs. 5000/- each given to the well recharging of 25 families. Rs. 222000/- spent for the stone bund preparation for the soil conservation measures. Rs. 1219112/- spent for the safety wall for the streams in the watershed area. 5000 plants distributed to the people in this area. With an aim to improve the financial status of the people in this area, many IGPs were organized like Rabbit rearing, poultry farming, Goat rearing , Nutmeg plantation, Plantain, fruit plants, vermin compost tanks etc.
2. Karikintholam Watershed Program: The 2nd Watershed programme is running at Mariyapuram Grama Panchayth named Karikintholam. 32 families were supported for well renovation, supported goat for 17 families, chicks for 75 families, piggery farming support for 23 families, bio gas plant for 17 families, pumpsets for the purpose of irrigation etc. Besides these Rs. 1,15,000/- distributed for pepper seedlings. Over all Rs. 35,00,000/- supported for various activities for the above watershed program.
3. Melechinnar Watershed programme: The part of Erattayar and Vathikudi grampachayth includes the Melachinnar Watershed. 290 hectares of land is covered under this project. Rs. 4400000/- is sanctioned for this project.