Agricultural Development Activities

Society helps the farmers in its operational area in organic farming through the following programmes:

A. Organic Certification:-

The programme is conducted to encourage farmers in organic farming through Jeeva, Haritha and Aiswarya Organic Internal Control Systems.

B. Girijyothi Organic Input Centre:-

Society distributes organic fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers at reasonable prices. They are produced in Girijyothi Organic Input Production Centre at Mariyapuram, and distributed through Girijyothi Organic Input Centre, Murickassery.

C. Girijyothi Farm Friends:-

An innovation of HDS with a view to rejuvenate agriculture, to meet the scarcity of agricultural labours, professionalize farming, widen agricultural area and also fetch more income from the land area.

D.Farmers Club:-

Highrange Development Society takes initiative to form farmers clubs in collaboration with NABARD. These clubs are formed in the villages as per the norms of the NABARD and they are taking care of the regeneration of agriculture, farmer training classes on manure preparation and different kinds of farming .

E. Agricultural Machanization

In order to promote and encourage mechanization in the field of agriculture, Society in cooperation with Caritas India and Coffee Board makes available various agricultural machines with subsidy.

F. Girijyothi Agricultural Nursery

Girijyothi Agricultural Nursery at Mariyapuram, distributes different types of quality seedlings of various plants like cocoa, nutmeg, orange etc to the farmers in its operational area.