Other Major Activities of HDS


To provide the homeless a safe house, is in the prior concerns of the society since its establishment. The Bethlehem Housing Scheme started in 2007 continued with the assistance from RASKOB Foundation in 2008, SMCA KUWAIT in 2009, Idukki Association Kuwait in 2010 and Habitat for Humanity India in 2011. House construction, House repair and construction of sanitary latrines are the major concerns under this project.


Liliane Fonds is a special programme undertaken by the Society in association with Lillian Fonds Organization to provide rehabilitation assistance to differently abled under the age of 25 .


An amount is collected every year from parishes, religious, and other institutions to meet emergency situations and to assist the poor in need in the operational area.


There are mainly four insurance schemes undertaken by the Society namely, Janasree Beema Yojna, Health Insurance Scheme, Micro Insurance Scheme and General Insurance.


Highrange Development Society in a joint venture with Kandoth Foundation provides financial assistance with Scholarship to selected financially backward girls for their nursing studies.


Highrange Development Society conjoined hands with Highrange Samrakshana Samithy in the peaceful uprising in relation with the land title issue of the common people of Idukki.


HDS provides the facility to pay electricity and telephone bills through the Akshsya E-centre at Mariyapuram Central Office.


Girijyothi Rabbit Meat Processing Centre is a centre that stands for the social and economic upliftment of the poor people of Idukki District. The centre was opened with the purpose of providing an additional income source for the marginal farmers through rabbit rearing. It collects rabbits from the farmers and either sell it for rearing purpose or process it for meat purpose. It started supporting 25 families in the beginning and now it extends its service to 2634 families in rabbit rearing as a means of survival. Besides, the SHGs under HDS are given opportunities to be shareholders of the center having a share in ownership and profit.


It is an attempt towards providing adequate retirement income to every citizen of India. NPS aims at ensuring financial security to every citizen by encouraging them to start contributing towards the old age saving.


Highrange Development Society acts as the major agency of Catholic Health Association India for Tuberculosis Eradication Programmes in Idukki district. The Society also acts in collaboration with District T.B. Office,Idukki


As part of the capacity building of youth and women, HDS organizes different training programs in alternative lifestyle promotion, organic farming, cow rearing , rabbit rearing, and mushroom cultivation


Society in collaboration with Local Panchayaths undertakes Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (Jalanidhi) with a view to eradicate water scarcity, promote water harvesting,waste management, health and hygiene in affected areas.


To improve and increase aquatic and terrestrial habitats, ecological functions and to support sustainable populations of diverse and valuable plant and animal species, society organizes eco restoration programmes in different areas


For the productive protection of watersheds and natural resources , sustainable alleviation of poverty, natural resource management, the society undertakes Watershed programme in collaboration with different panchayaths in Idukki district.



Society in collaboration with National Minority Development and Finance Corporation provides cow rearing loans to poor and marginalized families


To promote cow rearing, goat rearing, piggery and setting up petty shop, loans are arranged to the BPL families under the Girijyothi Credit Union with the support of Banks at a nominal rate of interest.


HDS with the support of Banks arranges rabbit rearing loans with 25 % subsidy from NABARD for Joint Liability Groups.


HDS assists the members of SHGs in promoting various income generation activities with the loan from PDS-SPFK


Project focused on awareness generation regarding waste disposal and waste management.


Marketing outlets established by HDS with the support of NABARD, to encourage the SHGs in value addition and marketing of organic and quality products.


HDS focused on Women Empowerment through skill development, promotion of livelihood activities and awareness creation.

Lillian Fonds:
Highrange Development Society is working for the people with disability to ensure their rights. Society is imparting trainings, support services for the disability sector and support 83 students for the education, medical assistive services. Rs.5,59, 000/- distributed to the children during the year2014-15.

Sharja Treatment Assistance:
In association with Sharjah Malayalee Associations and the society assisted for 9 families for treatment of various diseases. (Rs.112500 for 9 families).

Swavalamban Pension Scheme:
In order to provide pension to the people after 60 years HDS encouraged people to join in the Central Govt. Pension Scheme through the South Indian bank called SWAVALAMBAN. 220 people from the operational area joined in this particular scheme and 3rd year renewal process is going on.

Water Tank:
65 high quality water tanks are distributed various places of HDS operational area to store and to avoid scarcity of drinking water.

Akshaya e- Centre:
The Society is running Akshaya Centre in Collaboration with State Govt. There is a facility to pay electricity bill and telephone bills trough E-Payment. HDS Akshaya Institute has now become a common service centre and also provide all the available services in e-district programme.

Rabbit meat processing Centre:
In the highrange area, the society has initiated rabbit rearing. 1860 families improved their additional income and enhanced their livelihood. Trainings for the rabbit rearing, processing, preparation of rabbit cage etc. were conducted during this year.

Chicks Distribution: 50 days matured and Vaccinated 7640 chicks have distributed through SHGs and SHGs federations during the year 2014-15.

TB Eradication programme:
Highrange Development Society actively involved in the TB eradication programme in collaboration with Catholic Health Association of India. During this year the society could give awareness to 1620 individuals through 27 programs.

Organic Certification Programme:
Highrange Development Society and Spices Board jointly organize the Organic Certification programme. During this year the intial process of survey has completed for 500 families Marketing of Organic Products : During this year 16305kg of Ginger, 1437kg of Turmeric, 1200kg pepper, 110kg of Clove are marketed with extra price.

Poly House:
HDS in collaboration with Kerala Horticulture Mission established a Poly house at Mariyapuram in order to encourage and promote Organic farming. During this year vegetable cultivated.

Organic Input Center:
Organic Manures are prepared in the Mariyapuram organic input Centre and distributed directly to the farmers through Murickassery input centre. During this year 7672kg of organic manure prepared and distributed. Besides these, distribution of organic products like born meal, rock phosphate, organic animal feed, organic rabbit feed etc are regular.

Solar Lantern :
In order to promote, the use of renewable energy, the society distributed 407 solar lantern of costs Rs. 3000/- each. Besides these, 242 home lighting systems are also distributed.

Girijyothi Green Marts:
There are two rural marts with the support of NABARD functioning at Cheruthony and Kanjikkuzhy, makes available to the people quality products of various SHGs.

Alternate Life style programme:
Soap kit, Soaps, Ujala , Liquid soaps , Bathing soaps , uragulika, Murivenna etc. are prepared by the SHGs and distributed through rural marts and SHG federations.

Relief and Rehabilitation:
During this year as part of rehabilitation services, received donations from Parishes, convents and other generous people. Out of which, Rs. 60000/- helped for Kashmir floods, Rs. 25000/- for house construction, Rs. 175750/- for medical treatment etc. were supported.

Anamika- Theruvunatakam:
HDS in partnership with NABARD with the focus of Women development, financial literacy, bank linkages etc. made a Theruvunatakam called ‘Anamika’ and played in 40 stages in the various places in Idukki District.