Tribal Welfare Activities

Highrange Development Society focuses on places like Marayoor-Koodakkadukudy, Kanjikuzhi-Mazhuvady, Kozhimala etc. for tribal welfare activities. Society conducts awareness campaigns, occupational training, finance mobilization through Credit Unions gives economic assistance for their Socio-Cultural Development.

A. Girijyothi Tribal L. P. School

The Girijyothi Tribal L. P. School at Koodakkadukudy, Marayoor was established in the year 1996 and continues its adorable service among the tribals. During this academic year 77 Children are studying . A group of Malayalee people named “Light in Life” based at Switzerland supported for mid day meals programme, children’s uniform (2 pairs of Dress). School bag etc. The honorarium of the teachers were supported by Save A Familiy Plan India. The celebrations like Onam, Christmas, Independence day, School Annual Day etc. are organized with the support of parents. The Forest Department of Marayoor helped for the Nature Camp for Tribal Children. The Idukki District Police Association distributed umbrella for all the children and cash award were given to the children who are top in class. During this special occasion, a Magic Show was arranged as part of the entertainment of the children. The representatives of Save A Family Plan, India visited the school.

B. Kanivu- Mid-day Meals Programme

Highrange Development Society provides mid-day meals to the children at Girijyothi Tribal School with the generous help from certain benevolent benefactors.

C. Girijyothy Tribal Credit Union

Girijyothi Tribal Credit Union is taking much care about the education of the children as well as the welfare of tribal families . It promotes thrift and savings among these humble people. It functions as a platform for integrated development of the tribal communities.

D. Girijyothy Social Centre

Girijyothy Social Centre at Pallanadu , Marayoor functions as regional office of HDS. This centre is catalyst to the developments that are taking place here, especially among the tribals. The centre is used for conducting vocational trainings and development programmes.

E. Handicrafts Training

The Society conducts handicrafts training among the tribal people in order to enable them to fetch a regular earning. Society also provides training certificates from Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Training Institute (MSMETI), a Central Government Undertaking.


F. Jalanidhi is a project undertaken by Highrange Development Society with the support of Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency and Marayoor Grama Panchayat. The project area covers whole of Marayoor Grama Panchayat, which consists of 3761 households including 1247 Scheduled Tribe families and 1205 Scheduled Caste families. The Total Population of the panchayat is 13509.

The major objective of the project is to provide sustainable and safe Drinking water Facilities, to implement eco friendly sanitation facilities and to adapt ground water recharge measures in the panchayat. 98% of the people living in this panchayat lack drinking water for three to six months in an year. During this season they fetch water from two to four kilometres away from home. The project look forward to find out a sustainable solution to this misery by forming them into groups and strengthening them to make necessary infrastructures to meet their needs.

Major Milestones Achieved so far.

  • Household Baseline Data Collection
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal and Resource Maping
  • Exposure Visit
  • Source Identification
  • Special Grama Sabha
  • Cluster Meetings
  • Information Education and Communication Programme

The main tribal belt under the operational area of HDS is at the forest land of Marayoor. These settlements can be reached from a walk of 6 kilometers from Marayoor town through the forestland. Highrange Development Society is taken various developmental activities in the tribal settlements including Formal Education Programme, Integrated Tribal Development Programme (HARITHA SAMRUDHY”) TDF Project. HDS always promoting participatory approaches in the development field as we collaborate with PRIs and other Development Institutions for the sustainability. The decentralized system enables us to perform our role as a facilitator more meaningfully.

Integrated Tribal Development Programme (HARITHA SAMRUDHY”) TDF Project: The TDF Project at Marayoor started during this year. 416 families from 6 hamlets are supported in various activities in agriculture development, livelihood initiatives, natural Resource management, health and hygiene etc. Village Action Team is actively working for the smooth functioning of the project.